Total Waste Management

Resource and Fuels can work as part of a team offering specialist services and with a sole vender to offer a total Waste Management package,

Resource and Fuels Ireland Ltd provides opportunities to prevent and minimise waste generation and maximise its recovery and reuse. We offer to clients opportunities to eliminate landfill and loss of resources. 

Resource and Fuels Ireland Ltd provides solutions to maximise the recovery and reuse of waste, hence, offering our customers the opportunity to reduce landfill and save money.

Our team offer Total Waste Management and Waste Avoidance Services, including Waste Characterisation studies, Material Flow Mapping and Landfill Diversion, Training and workshops throughout Ireland and the UK, and Monthly Reporting on Landfill Diversion targets set.

All material outlets used are compliant and licensed and recovery certificates* are provided.

Total Waste Management Service includes:

  • Site visits and audit team participation
  • Mapping of packaging and production wastes used to divert recoverable materials
  • Develop practical waste diversion practices
  • Waste prevention and avoidance opportunities

Service Promise

We will support our customers to:
  • Find solutions for orphan waste streams
  • Up-stream materials
  • Avoiding landfill taxes
  • Recover valuable resources
  • Increase resource efficiency
  • Improve environmental credentials as part of AER* and National Operator Waste Returns

We will provide:

  • Open and transparent tracking of waste streams
  • Regular reviews and monthly reports
  • One-stop service