Resource Trading and Brokerage

Resource Trading and Brokerage

We find ways to use waste as resources (raw materials) or fuels.

We offer a waste classification service to assist clients classify their waste using the consolidated European Waste Catalogue and Hazardous Waste List.

We in Resource and Fuels Ireland Ltd. characterise waste as “resource opportunity”. We think in terms of reuse, recycling and recovery to ensure conservation of all finite and non-renewable resources. We find options for waste to be reused as chemical resources or for recovery of the intrinsic energy value they hold using the unique advantage of cement kilns to use Waste Derived Fuels.

Our core capabilities include Technical Advice on Waste Classification (TFS), Waste Notification, Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) services, Deep Sea and Short Sea Shipping and complete Logistics solutions.

Service Promise

Here at Resource and Fuels, We aim to Provide:
  • Single Contact Person
  • We can move quickly
  • One-stop service for Hazardous and Non Hazardous
  • Service Offer

Recovery options for mixed and single stream waste materials, for example mixed polymer and residual materials used for production of SRF* and RDF*.

Resource and Fuels Ireland Ltd. offer opportunities to recover complex waste streams. Using the unique benefits of Waste Derived Fuels* as Fuel Replacement* in cement kilns and raw material replacement.