Solvent Recovery

Specialist Solvent Recovery projects involving multistep recovery processes

Resource and Fuels Ireland Ltd. provide bespoke solvent recovery options, working with our partner ORM Bergold, Chemie, a highly recognised solvent recovery facility, for the specialist recovery of complex streams.

The focus of Resource and Fuels Ireland Ltd. is to provide customer-specific solvent recycling. Resource and Fuels Ireland Ltd. will characterise your waste streams and provide a variety of outlets for each material stream.

We are looking for Toll recovery and Merchant recovery of Chlorinated solvents, heat transfer fluids, complex solvent systems and blends

Our collection service includes (not limited to):

  • anti-freeze
  • corrosives
  • flammable liquids
  • flammable solids
  • Richard Geiss GMBH
  • ORM Bergold
  • Chemie
  • ink
  • oils
  • paint
  • paint tins
  • plastic containers
  • rags
  • solvents

We offer advice on the following:

  • Classification/Identification of Dangerous Goods
  • Packaging, labelling and stowage requirements
  • ADR and IMDG rules for carriage of limited quantities

Our Service Promise is to provide:

  • Reliable on-time collections co-ordinated with customer requirements
  • Real Time Waste Movement Tracking
  • Single Contact Person
  • One-stop service for Hazardous and Non Hazardous