Solvent Recovery

Specialist Solvent Recovery projects involving multistep recovery processes

solvent recovery

Resource and Fuels Ltd. provide bespoke solvent recovery options, working with our partner ORM Bergold, Chemie, a highly recognised solvent recovery facility, for the specialist recovery of complex streams.

The focus of Resource and Fuels Ltd. is to provide customer-specific solvent recycling. Resource and Fuels Ltd. will characterise your waste streams and provide a variety of outlets for each material stream.

downloads imageOur collection service includes (not limited to):

  • aerosols
  • acid
  • anti-freeze
  • asbestos
  • batteries
  • corrosives
  • diesel
  • dismantled ELV parts
  • empty drums
  • flammable liquids
  • flammable solids
  • fluorescent light tubes
  • fuels
  • gases
  • grease guns
  • ink
  • oils
  • paint
  • paint tins
  • plastic containers
  • rags
  • solvents
  • toxic substances.


We offer advice on the following:

  • Classification/Identification of Dangerous Goods
  • Packaging, labelling and stowage requirements
  • ADR and IMDG rules for carriage of limited quantities

Our Service Promise is to provide:

  • Reliable on-time collections co-ordinated with customer requirements
  • Real Time Waste Movement Tracking
  • Single Contact Person
  • One-stop service for Hazardous and Non Hazardous