Alternative Fuels

diggerRDF, SRF and Special Case single-stream fuel compatible material

Resource and Fuels Ltd. (IRE) and Resource and Fuels Ltd. (UK) direct Refuse Derived Fuel RDF*, Solid Recovered Fuel SRF* and single stream fuels* to the most efficient end users.

SRF and RDF are composed of Solid Combustible Wastes that have been sorted from either segregated commercial and industrial wastes or from municipal black bag waste. The waste is the residual material left after all other classical recycling options have been applied and is composed of the combustible fractions of plastic (films, multilayer laminates), textiles and soiled paper.

We select the materials for inclusion in the production of RDF or SRF depending on the materials intrinsic characteristics such as its calorific value, chlorine content, moisture content and heavy metals. Materials are selected for their beneficial chemical values Iron, Silica, Alumina, Calcium etc.